The Little Things: Notes on Writing a Web Series [APPLIED SENTIENCE]

For the next few months I’m a staff writer at Applied Sentience, a wide-ranging blog for humanist thinkers. I mostly write about pop culture. This is the beginning of my sixth piece for them; you can click through for the rest.

Halfway through my run here at Applied Sentience, I figured it was about time that instead of talking about other people’s art, I opened up a little about my own. If you read author bios you might know that I’m a screenwriting MFA student at DePaul University. While my great ambition remains writing for a high-budget feminist superhero action hour, that’s, uh, not really within the current scope of my powers and resources. (Except for the feminist part, one hopes.)

So when I recently had to film something for one of my classes, I stuck with what I do best: an awkward, meandering, whisky-lubricated conversation in a confined space.

What’s that? Yes, I’m still talking about writing. I swear. SHUT UP.

[Read the rest]


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